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A Moment of Zen



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Turtles and tortoises are wonderful animal allies when seeking wisdom about our path in life. The are associated with both earth and water energies, reminding us to take life at our own pace in the elements we are most comfortable. Below is a list of ideals surrounding turtle and tortoise energies. 

  • A sense of safety/security 
  • Slow down, pace yourself
  • Staying grounded, even amidst chaos
  • Flowing with the current
  • Determination and persistence 
  • Ancient wisdoms, life experience 
  • A symbol of Mother Earth

As with all things, I encourage you to seek guidance from within, noting how things make you feel, rather than putting too much emphasis on metaphysical meanings.

measurements are approximate 

serpentine mother and baby 6” long x 3” tall 

labradorite 2.75” x 2”

wiggle 2.5”x2”x1.5”

smokey 4”x2.25”


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