Hi! I'm Eden, the founder and currently, sole operator of A Moment Of Zen, welcome to my virtual shop. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for stopping by and share how my business and I may be helpful to you. 

So a little about me. My life experience has led me to various spiritual teachings, but the ones that resonated most were about the Law of Attraction and how the Universe works. My two favorite Law of Attraction and Universal teachings come from the Abraham-Hicks material and Bashar material. It is through the understanding and application of the principles and concepts shared by those channels that I view and live life.

I believe through my own life experiences that I create my reality, and so do you. Many of the descriptions you'll find written on this site inspire the possibilities available to you or to help reawaken you to your greatness, however I believe that nothing has an inherent meaning to it, and what is most important is how something makes you feel, or the meaning you applied to it. Yes, there are metaphysical meaning and of course if it matters to you, then by all means use those meanings, however, what I am saying is what works for one does not always work the same for another. Why? Because we are each unique vibrational beings with our own vibrational signature which the universe is responding to. In other words, only you have been thinking your thoughts with are creating your vibrational state of being, your unique vibrational signature. 

My greatest joy comes from being able to share what I have learned and witness other people have their a-ha moments or see their sense of relief when I clarify something for them. Helping others awaken to their divine nature by sharing my stories and my experiences of life thus far are truly some of my favorite things about owning and running my shop.


Now, since everything is energy (something we learned in high school, atoms, molecules, and vibration), including you, and since no one can vibrate for you, there is no guarantee of the efficacy of the properties of products listed. Like I explain to the guests that come to my physical store, you make the magic, the items here are simply tools to help you focus. It is your focus that creates, and no one can focus for you. 

For those of you who are new to A Moment Of Zen, besides the virtual shop, there is a physical one, located in the heart of historic Salem City, NJ. Everything you see listed on this site is in my physical store, however not everything in the physical store is listed on this site. Sounds like a reason to stop by if you're in the area.😉

Thanks again for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed reading this, now enjoy whatever you plan on doing next. 🙂 


Much love,


Eden Kantrowitz founder of A Moment of Zen