Collection: Candles and Candle Holders

We currently feature 3 different candle lines, with the occasional guest appearance of other brands. 

The mini chime candles are "undressed" making them perfect for quick spells, celebrating something special, or as a touch of ambient lighting.   

If you're looking for candles "dressed" and ready to use for specific intentions, you may enjoy exploring the candles from Coventry Creations (Blessed Herbal pillars, Motor City Hoodoo pillars, Chakra Magic pillars, and Blessed Herbal Votive kits),  Their candles have been created with intent using corresponding herbs, oils, and colors at the proper astrological phases. 

The Reiki-charged votives come in a glass jar.  These cuties are also lovely for some quick focus work in a clean and tidy manner. Glass votives also make a lovely gift to any candle lover. 

We also carry the holders for our mini chime candles and a few other decorative holders here and there.