Hey Zen family.  Here you will find answers to your most popular questions about store operations.  If you require further information please feel free to reach out via email or direct message on social media.  

Q:What payment methods do you take in store?

A: Cash, all major credit and debit cards and many gift cards are accepted. No personal or business checks.

Q: What about returns?

A: Returns or exchanges are handled on an individual basis and are for store credit only. You have 7 days from receipt of your order, or 7 days from your in-store purchase to report any damage or desire to return any items. Receipts are required for returns. When shopping in our store, you are asked at check out if you would like a receipt emailed or texted to you.  Paper receipts are not available at this time. 

Q: There is something that I want that you don't have in stock, can I request items to be ordered special for me?

A: If it is an item that I have access too (ie: it is in line with the theme of this store) I will gladly do a special order.  Special orders require a 50% deposit that is applied to your purchase.  Special order deposits are non-refundable.

Q: Do you offer layaway?

A: Yes.  Layaway is available.  A minimum deposit is required and payment schedules are established.  For more information please inquire in the store.

Q: What is up with your hours? Why do they change and how can I best keep up with the latest happenings?

A: At this time Eden is the sole staff and single mom.  This means that occasionally she needs to adjust the store hours to accommodate family needs.  For the latest information on store hours and updates please visit the business facebook or instagram pages listed as AMomentOfZenNJ.

Q: Do you have a public restroom?

A: Unfortunately there is no public restroom access in the shop at this time, please plan accordingly.

Q: What's the deal with your price stickers? Why are there letters and numbers on them?

A: The letters and numbers you see written on the price tags are a way the inventory is tracked in the system, sort of like a product number for the catalog.