Tumbled Ruby

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Rubies have some pretty impressive metaphysical characteristics and is the birthstone for July babies.  Since I am a July baby I am a bit partial to these red gems, plus they are totally rad in aesthetics and vibes. Many crystal experts claim Rubies to be beneficial to just about every aspect of your being.  Feeling lethargic? Try working with ruby.  Feeling apathy? Ruby may provide that zest for life you're seeking.  Need a boost or extra oomph to start or finish a project? Ruby energy might provide that push you need. Have you been emotionally distraught lately? Focusing with ruby may calm the emotional seas you have been struggling to tame. Whatever your ailment in life may be, grab a ruby and think about how you want to feel.  Take the time to focus yourself intentionally into a better feeling place and watch what happens when you consistently do.