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A Moment of Zen

Tumbled Rhodonite

Tumbled Rhodonite

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When people think of stones for love, usually Rose Quartz is the go-to, but did you know Rhodonite is a fantastic stone for love.  Why? Because when you are seeking love, for it to be truly fulfilling or satisfying it must come from one place, within.  Rhodonite is one of those stones that help you love, cherish and value yourself.  When you fill your own cup full of self-love, it is then effortless to share that love with others, as well as receiving it. Plus, when you are full of the love that is your own, meaning it came from within, the wonderful side effect is happiness and joy, clarity and understanding.  Friends, self-love is the answer to so many of life's "problems". Give Rhodonite a try today. 

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