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Tumbled Leopard Skin Jasper

Tumbled Leopard Skin Jasper

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This is a new stone to me personally, and I was drawn to it for its beauty, totally being honest here, as metaphysics doesn't matter to me as much as how the stones make me feel when I look at them or handle them.  However, when I did a little research to see what's what regarding these captivating beauties, I was not surprised by what I found. According to the various sources I browsed, the common theme about this stone is its pension for connection with the animal kingdom on both the spiritual and physical levels.  Many crystal enthusiasts made claims of its protective and nurturing nature, helping you attune to your needs. For me, I find contemplating its beauty is enough to help me feel the way I intend to feel, which is any degree of positive emotion.  I would call that a success and therefore recommend this stone to anyone that appreciates the beautiful mineral combinations that make the crystals we have come to adore.


Due to the nature of these products, items may vary from the images shown.


For e-commerce compliance clarification purposes, these are tumbled minerals, not animals or animal products. 

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