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Tumbled Kambaba ‘Jasper’

Tumbled Kambaba ‘Jasper’

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Kambaba Jasper, first off, is NOT a jasper.  This beautiful stone of black and green swirls is a form of fossilized algae.  Don't believe me, check out this quote from, a geological website: "Kambaba jasper is sedimentary fossilized blue-green algae (prokaryotic bacteria) that grew and fossilized into clumps called Stromatolites. It derives its bluish-green with mottled patterns of black specks with black swirls and spotty patterns from fossilized algae colonies that once lived 22 million years ago".

This stone is sometimes confused with nebula stone, which looks super similar but is a completely different mineral altogether. Here is another quote from "Nebula Stone is of igneous origin (from within the Earth) and brought to the surface by Volcanic processes. Nebula stone is a "unique combination of discrete crystallized minerals." 

Metaphysically speaking, Kambaba "jasper" is a great choice when looking for peace and tranquility feelings. Gazing at the swirls is a lovely tool to help release thoughts and quiet your mind, aka meditation.  Meditation is an efficient and easy way (meaning anyone CAN do it) to raise your frequency, and in this vibrational universe we live in, your vibe matters a lot.  

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