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A Moment of Zen

Tumbled Dalmatian Stone

Tumbled Dalmatian Stone

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Dalmatian stone has many impressive metaphysical properties.  I, for one, enjoy the idea of its energies, helping awaken your sense of fun and humor. I feel laughter is the best medicine, so anything that strengthens that quality gets a vote from me. Some say this stone encourages working together; if you're looking to feel emotionally harmonious and strengthen bonds with others, maybe this stone will be of benefit to you.  Are you trying to quit smoking? According to Judy Hall, a well-known author of crystal books, Dalmatian stone ”strengthens resolve to quit and determination to succeed.” I can't guarantee that using this stone will help you kick the habit, but if by using it, you feel the empowerment to at least try, then that sounds like a step in the right direction to me. 

Due to the nature of this product, color, size, and shape may vary from photo. 


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