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A Moment of Zen

Selenite sphere 7-8cm

Selenite sphere 7-8cm

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A majority of the Selenite you see on the market, including the spheres listed here, are technically Satin Spar; however, for whatever reason, most label this material Selenite, and for the sake of ease, I will continue to refer to this as Selenite.

The vibes from this stone may offer a sense of soothing calm.  Holding a piece of Selenite or gazing upon it while consciously feeling for clarity is one way to help you receive messages or insight from higher realms of consciousness.  Oftentimes, people turn to this stone when looking to work with Angelic energies or Christ consciousness.  Some like it for the deep peace it offers and use it as a nighttime companion for a restful sleep. 

As with any stone, it does not matter what claims one has made about it; it is through personal use and exploration of the energies that truly determine its value to you and you alone.

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