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A Moment of Zen

Prehnite clusters

Prehnite clusters

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All gemstones listed on this website have various metaphysical properties attached to them.  The information listed on this site is generally a small percentage of metaphysical information available, focusing on the most common aspects people ask about when visiting my shop.  Prehnite is no different.  When exploring the energetic gifts this stone has to offer, many experts agree this is a wonderful stone for understanding unconditional love, especially for those that consider themselves healers.  In my life experience, the healers that give the most of themselves generally need just as much love and healing energy in return. Meditating or conducting a healing session with a piece of Prehnite in your pocket or sacred space might be the tool to help you feel loved and emotionally replenished. It is also believed that this stone helps attune you to your higher self, therefore bringing inner peace, which also comes with the side effect of greater clarity and intuition. As always, I encourage you to find out how a stone will enhance or benefit your life by spending time with it with purpose and intent. 


This lot of Prehnite is from the Mali region in West Africa.

Some pieces contain epidote (dark green spots).  

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