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A Moment of Zen

Prehnite clusters

Prehnite clusters

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We understand that the gemstones featured on our website hold a special significance for many of our visitors. We've tried our best to provide information on the most commonly asked aspects by visitors to our shop. Prehnite in particular is known for its ability to help comprehend unconditional love. This is especially important for healers who give so much of themselves and need healing energy in return. We believe that carrying a piece of Prehnite in your pocket or sacred space during meditation or healing sessions could be the key to feeling loved and emotionally recharged. It is also believed that this stone can help you connect with your higher self, leading to inner peace and heightened clarity and intuition. We always recommend spending time with a stone to discover how it can improve and benefit your life with deliberate intent.

This lot of Prehnite is from the Mali region in West Africa.

Some pieces contain epidote (dark green spots).  

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