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A Moment of Zen

Polished smokey quartz

Polished smokey quartz

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The common theme across all stones is they help you feel better in one way or another.  Smokey Quartz happens to be a great companion when trying to rise from depression.  Depression is a continual focus on thoughts that do not feel good; with the aid of smokey quartz, you may be able to turn your focus in an upward direction.  Remember, you do not need to make it from depression to joy in one thought; actually, it's pretty hard to do that, but you can make the journey to joy one thought at a time.  This stone resonates well with Root Chakra energies, so it makes sense that it helps those feeling like they are in the pit of despair.  Nurturing Root Chakra energies with the focus of Smokey Quartz could be the tool to help you feel stable, grounded, and supported in life, which is important when dealing with issues of depression, powerlessness, or insecurity on any topic.

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