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A Moment of Zen

Ocean Jasper palm stones

Ocean Jasper palm stones

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Ocean Jasper is another one of those stones where the name Jasper is not entirely accurate.  Recent studies suggest this stone is a variety of chalcedony.  Ocean jasper, also called Orbicular Jasper, comes from Madagascar and, as with all gemstones, has beneficial energetic properties. If you've ever spent time on the shoreline, watching waves roll in and gently wash back to sea, focusing with Ocean Jasper, you may feel that sense of peace as you breathe and let go.  Focusing on this stone during times of self-reflection may help you uncover and release unresolved emotional issues that have been buried under the sands of time. Letting go of thoughts that no longer serve is a beautiful step in the direction of self-love and discovery.  Maybe Ocean Jasper is the stone to accompany you on your inner journey. 

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