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A Moment of Zen



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Wow, what to say about Moldavite.  Friends, there are endless opinions and beliefs about what this stone can do for you, many sort of offering a warning of the intensity of the energy this stone has to offer. Please do not let others' claims heavily influence your decision on what stones will work for you. 

Many claim the energy of this stone is intense.  It is often used to attain altered states of mind, especially when trying to reach higher consciousness streams or those of extraterrestrial origins. Even though this is a green stone (green stones are commonly considered heart-centered stones), it is often used for opening the mind (third eye and crown) to new possibilities or experiences, often bringing mental balance. When you understand the power of the heart center, you will understand why this green stone helps with inner knowing (intuitive/psychic abilities)

The only way you will know for sure how it will affect you is to try it yourself. If you feel drawn to Moldavite, then, by all means, go for it! Get some!  

B quality = minor chips

C quality = some chips 

Due to the nature of this product, items may vary from photo.

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