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A Moment of Zen

Malachite wire wrapped pendant - I am transforming my life

Malachite wire wrapped pendant - I am transforming my life

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If you are ready and willing to make significant shifts in your life, then Malachite may be the perfect companion for you. Known as a stone of transformation, Malachite energy can help with your spiritual evolution. It can help you sort out your emotions and let go of any negative experiences that may be holding you back. If you work with the energies of Ganesh, then Malachite would be a great asset as it is believed to create a clear path towards your desired goal, much like Ganesh, who is known as a remover of obstacles.

Malachite's energy can help you accept responsibility for your actions. It's easy to blame others, but in the attraction-based universe we live in, we attract what we put out. Understanding this concept empowers you to recognize that you have more creative control over your life experiences and, therefore, make better choices in thoughts and actions that lead to the experiences you prefer, and life starts to be fun again. This heart-centered stone can help you be honest with yourself and be compassionate about it. Open yourself to the energies of Malachite without fear, and learn to recognize your true power to transform your life.

The pendant pictured is the exact one you will receive. The 18" cord shown extends to 20” and is included.

Please allow for slight variations in color due to screen settings, camera resolution, and lighting at the time the photos were taken. Also, remember that copper darkens as it ages; therefore, this piece may be less bright than when photographed.


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