Malachite Tower

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Malachite ranks pretty high on my list of favorites.  Personally, it is the stunning aesthetics that draw me in more than anything, and if you've hung around me long enough then you know it is how you feel that means more than anything.  So what does all this have to do with Malachite?  Simply put, the beauty of Malachite, for me, is distracting enough to help me ignore whatever current thoughts I had going on that were bringing me down, in turn allowing my vibration to rise.  See how simple it is? Sure, it has a laundry list of metaphysical properties but at the end of it all, don't you just want to feel good? Gaze at the patterns and swirls, get lost in the beauty of the stone and see how you feel.  If Malachite doesn't help you focus into a better feeling way, that is okay too, keep reaching for thoughts that feel better and you will get there if you really desire to.

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