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Elestial quartz

Elestial quartz

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Elestial crystals from Brazil. Some have water bubbles (enhydro) and are marked accordingly. 

Elestial crystals are captivating beauties with beautifully high vibrations.  Crystal experts feel these stones are excellent for tapping into the spiritual universal mind. The vibes emanating from these stones may accelerate inner sight by opening your third eye to higher frequencies. 

Elestial crystals “grew up” in harsh conditions leaving them with their multi faceted appearance. This harsh growing condition lends itself to our understanding that all the trials we have triumphed over are part of what made us into who we are today. 

It is also believed these stones help us understand past lives and how we can incorporate that knowledge to live fuller lives today. 

Enhydro crystals are varieties of quartz that have bubbles trapped within that sometimes contain water. This water is ancient and pure, making these stones ideal for anyone seeking purity of mind or body. 

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