Dendritic Agate palm stone

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Dendritic Agate is a beautiful variety of Chalcedony with inclusions of iron or manganese that resemble fern-like dendrites. In my opinion any stone that is able to take your attention away from worrisom or troubling thoughts is an ideal companion and Dendritic Agate has what it takes to draw your attention in and away from thoughts no longer serving you.  While you are distracted by the beauty of this stone, you might begin to notice your mood lifting and body relaxing some.  It is that gentle release of resistance that helps you realize the goodness of life that is always flowing to you in great abundance. Speaking of abundance, Dendritic Agate is sometimes called the Stone of Plentitude, suggesting its ability to bring abundance to all areas of life.  Consistant focus with this stone may help you foster a sense of stability and security, making this a stone of protection to some. No matter which way you choose to look at it, the only thing anyone has control over is the way they feel, try using a piece of Dendriti Agte to train your thoughts to better feeling levels and show yourself you have the power to change.