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A Moment of Zen

Blue Kyanite wire wrapped pendant - I am calm, clear and balanced

Blue Kyanite wire wrapped pendant - I am calm, clear and balanced

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To live the life of your dreams, it is essential to understand your role in its creation rather than leaving things to fate or karma. Blue Kyanite is a helpful stone that can assist you in connecting with your higher mind and gaining insight into your true universal nature. It can also aid you in cutting through confusion and removing the mental blocks that have accumulated over time. By clearing these energies, you will feel more content, peaceful, and open to the possibilities that life has to offer. This higher frequency also allows you to access your innate psychic and higher guidance abilities, enabling you to make choices that support the life you desire. Like other blue stones, Blue Kyanite is also beneficial for communication and helps you express your true self with confidence.

The pendant pictured is the exact one you will receive. The 18" cord shown extends to 20” and is included.

Please allow for slight variations in color due to screen settings, camera resolution, and lighting at the time the photos were taken. Also, remember that copper darkens as it ages; therefore, this piece may be less bright than when photographed.

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