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A Moment of Zen

Blue Aragonite Tower

Blue Aragonite Tower

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When looking into the metaphysics of this stone, I found some interesting tidbits regarding its use as a communication tool.  I learned that Blue Aragonite is good to help those who struggle in speaking their needs, namely those of an emotional nature.  Speaking up for yourself and allowing yourself to feel your emotions, helps you to process them and move from the lower feeling frequencies that we often bottle up.  Saying what you need to say, feeling, and honoring all your feels can lead to a sense of freedom and clarity.  It may also allow you to open your heart center and attract to you those who will benefit you most. In my opinion, the sheer beauty of this stone is enough to lift my mood, and as I have said before, how you feel is what matters more than anything.  Check out this dreamy blue stone for yourself.

Towers measure approximately 4"- 5' tall.

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