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A Moment of Zen

Blue Apatite wire wrapped pendant - I am clear minded

Blue Apatite wire wrapped pendant - I am clear minded

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Discover the beauty and metaphysical benefits of Apatite, a stone that comes in various colors, but none more striking than the Blue Apatite. This stone is believed to have many benefits, but I created this pendant with your mental clarity in mind. It stimulates intellect and clears confusion while awakening your intuition, enabling you to trust your inner self.

In addition to promoting mental clarity, Blue Apatite aids in communication. Express yourself confidently and clearly, and watch your confidence soar. This shift in energy to a higher vibration is the first step to manifesting a life you love.

Blue Apatite may also elevate your mood by easing anger, apathy, and sorrow, leading to emotional stability and refreshed spirits.

I encourage you to trust your intuition when selecting a stone. We are all unique vibrational beings, and the only way to know how a stone can benefit you is to experience it yourself. This stone may bring you the clarity of mind you seek and the confidence that comes with it. Choose the Blue Apatite pendant today and unlock your full potential!

The pendant pictured is the exact one you will receive. The cord shown in the photos is included.

Please allow for slight variations in color due to screen settings, camera resolution, and lighting at the time the photos were taken. Also, remember that copper darkens as it ages; therefore, this piece may be less bright than when photographed.

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