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A Moment of Zen

Blessed Herbal Blessing Kits

Blessed Herbal Blessing Kits

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These focused combinations make the perfect complement to any wish or desire you may have. Each combination of Power Votives addresses the bursts of energy we need to create the life we desire. Getting right to the point, these hand-poured triads fine tune the energies with a powerful accuracy. 

Votives burn for 10 hours.

Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

Calming Blessing Kit A triad of Heart, Emotional and Inner Balance, Whether it is your chaos or the drama that others bring to your life, this combination of votives will help you to find your center and release the emotions that hang onto the turmoil.

Blessing: I shed the chaos around me to find my calm center. From this place of gentle focus, I am clear and free of stress.

Financial Growth Blessing Kit A triad of Money Draw, Problem Solver, and Spiritual Cleansing. Approach financial growth from many directions by continually planting new seeds. Keep your focus on the big picture, have specific goals, and meet your immediate needs at the same time.

Blessing: I have planted the seeds of magic in my ideas, watching as they grow into success and reward. My immediate needs are met and my future success begins to manifest.

New Job Blessing Kit A triad of Prosperity, Attraction, and Stability. This votive combination can be used to enhance your job search by keeping you aware of new opportunities and the right places to look. The rest is up to you, your resume, and your self-confidence.

Blessing - I go forward in my career with a light heart, an open mind, and the confidence to be fully present each day. May God be my inspiration, my integrity, and my mentor.

Pet Blessing Kit A triad of Heart, Happy Home, and Stability. Our pets are a blessing that we invite into our home and into our family. They give us joy and meaning to our lives. With this votive combination, you can return that blessing to them.

Blessing: You bring comfort, joy, and unconditional love to our family. I wish for you a treat, a pat, health. and happiness. Our life together is a reward.

 Abundance Blessing Kit  Abundance needn't be elusive. Let this triad of Prosperity, Attraction, and Stability power votives help you focus. Assisting in your commitment to the quality and quantity of the prosperity you desire and deserve. Remember to keep an open mind and heart while allowing the Universe to fill your palette.

Blessing: My life is filled with unlimited prosperity. I am released from the beliefs and attitudes that block me from my desires.

Dreams Come True Blessing Kit  A triad of Inner Balance, Spiritual Cleansing, and Truth/Justice Power Votives. This combination of candles is specially chosen to create energy that will strengthen your waking dreams. Inspiring, nurturing, and awakening the dreams that lie deep within you, making them all come true!

Blessing: The dreams of night and the dreams of day fill me with inspiration. I foster them and know that it is within my power to make them come true.

Good Karma Blessing Kit  A triad of Emotional Balance, Healing, and Needed Change Power Votives. Karma takes effort and a commitment to personal healing. Use this combination of candles to begin the healing process. Bring this life into balance by clearing the karma from lifetimes and generations.

Blessing: I release any events in this lifetime and those past that block me from Good Karma. I forgive all events that have disappointed me and have learned their lessons.

 Luck Blessing Kit A triad of Energy, Prosperity, and Happiness Power Votives (LINK). Create your own luck with this combination of candles. The lucky energy of the sun, the transforming properties of fire, and the power of green prosperity combine to create a path straight to your own pot o’ gold.

Blessing: I have no time to waste I need luck now. I borrow lucky energy to get the job done and I repay with love and heartfelt gratitude.

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