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A Moment of Zen

Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite

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Okay so who has some stressful or negative situation to deal with? If you need some help refocusing because of that, Black Kyanite might be the stone for you. Many people report feeling a greater sense of ease and joy when wearing or carrying this stone. I can speak from personal experience, it helped me feel empowered and secure when confronting someone that has a knack for pushing my buttons.  Every time I felt the stone in my pocket, it reminded me that my buttons are un-pushable.  It reminded me to focus on my strong points and it worked. That person never made one button pushing comment while in my presence.  Also, as is the case with dark stones, black kyanite is often used as a grounding and balancing stone, especially in crystal healing. When used to ground and balance, you may feel as if you've got a shield against negativity in social settings, because when you are connected to the here and now, you are.

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