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A Moment of Zen



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Assorted sizes, each comes as a solid single piece or matching set .

Photos of small and medium pairs are an example of the size, actual colors may vary from what is shown. Measurements are approximate.

Sometimes descriptions are written in such a way that rewriting them could lose some of their effectiveness. The following was taken from the website with some editing to comply with various marketplace policies:

Ammonites are one of the very few meditation trinkets that contain ancient life force energy capable of being channeled into the present day. Much like Petrified Wood and Orthoceras, Ammonites were alive and well during a much different world than what we see today. Ammonites lived in a habitat capable of creating megalith creatures partially due to the heightened oxygen levels within Earth’s atmosphere. The energies in which they held were abundant in strength, perseverance, and longevity. These attributes of Earth’s first biological creatures can still be felt today when meditating with a mind willing to understand and accept the past. Only when we learn from our ancestral past can we grow and change.

Primordial Origins

Ammonites were one of the longest-living creatures this world has ever seen. They roamed our seas freely for nearly 350 million years. This was a testament to their will to not only live but become intelligent enough to outwit millions of years of evolutionary creatures. These ancient mollusks were widely hunted, yet thrived on fear to be able to progress and develop over time. This is very reminiscent of our own place in this world today. Each day our energies are given to the wrong person and have the ability to result in being taken advantage of. The natural predatory instinct of all creatures on Earth when we are being prayed upon causes us to activate our intuition and listen to our voice of reason. Ammonites’ deep earthen energy provides us with guidance and leadership to further distance ourselves from harmful situations (much like our Ammonite friend had to do each and every day).

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