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A Moment of Zen

Amethyst Cluster Brazil & Uruguay

Amethyst Cluster Brazil & Uruguay

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Whichever way you look at it, for its physical beauty or metaphysical claims, Amethyst is indeed a crowd favorite. Often the first stone in crystal collections, Amethyst, is thought to promote peace and calm, leading to a sense of balance.  Many believe that it aids in spiritual growth and strengthening intuition. Some have claimed to feel a greater sense of appreciation and emotional clarity while using this stone.  It has also been coined the sobriety stone, aiding with addiction and impulsive behavior. Of course, the most critical component to implementing change in your life is how you focus. When carrying, wearing, or simply admiring your piece of amethyst, let it serve as a reminder of all the beautiful aspects of your life, and more will follow. 

Due to the nature of this product, color, size, and shape may vary.

Photos are examples of clusters in that price range. Prices are for one piece. 

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