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A Moment of Zen



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Amblyg-a-what? The name amblygonite is of Greek origin, meaning blunt angle, which, when first discovered, is what was believed to be a definitive characteristic, which later was deemed a mistake. There ya go, a bit of crystal trivia I suppose. When working with this stone, it is said it helps you to release stress and then find peace. Many believe Amblygonite helps expand clarity and promotes energy flow within one's system. It is also thought to help with creativity, enhancing gifts already present. Some believe this stone helps one release emotional pain and move on from the past. All these claims are wonderful, however when you can let go of prior perceptions of pain and or wrongdoing, something magical happens, you begin to let love in again. I am talking about the most essential love here, folks, self-love. So grab your amblygonite and let go of the past. Your amazing life is ready and waiting for you. 

Due to the nature of this product, color, size and shape may vary. 

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