Sardonyx sphere

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Let's talk about the energies of this stone, shall we? First off, this beauty resonates well with the energies of grounding, stability, and creation.  When you take the time to check in with yourself and feel for the soothing comfort of being stable in the here and now, that gives the opportunity for clarity.  When your focus is pure, and you are not in a state of worry, what happens?  Your vibration rises, and you feel better.  When you feel better, you are able to think thoughts that will then serve you on your path.  Gazing into the depths of this stone may be the window of insight you're looking for when seeking answers from Source (inner being, spirit, guides, etc).  The grounding and centering vibes allow for feelings of motivation to take hold, easing you into a creative vibe should you so desire.  How exactly this stone will work for you is truly up to you.  You create the magic in your life through the power of your focus and gemstones are merely a tool for your creative endeavors.

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