Red jasper sphere

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Jaspers are often turned to for their grounding and protection energies.  Red Jasper is an excellent stone when looking for feelings of connection to the earth and life in the physical plane.  Awareness of and connection to these supportive energies are a fabulous ally in life.  Your thoughts matter so much in how your life unfolds, and through various life experiences, sometimes we pick up habits of thought that don't always allow us to feel as wonderful as we know we can.  Focusing your thoughts while holding Red Jasper may be the tool to help you gain that sense of empowerment and courage to stand up for you.  Sometimes it is scary to do what we feel is right for us, especially if you've been trained into believing that happiness comes from somewhere other than within.  Hold your Red Jasper and take a moment to connect deep into the depths of your source.  Remember your greatness and step into each moment, knowing your true value and worth.