Red Calcite

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Have you been feeling lethargic, maybe not super into anything, life is a bit of a struggle maybe? Although the only thing you have control over in life is how you feel, sometimes it seems like even that is out of your control.  Friends, I know life can be hard at times, and it is especially noticeable when we have allowed our thoughts to wander into uncomfortable territory.  Left unchecked, our thoughts can often take us down a path, making us believe things that are not true to who we really are.  At our core, we are worthy loving beings, and sometimes we need reminders of that.  Keeping our thoughts on a path that feels good, that leaves us feeling whole, secure, and nurtured is the key to a good feeling life.  Red Calcite, which resonates with the root chakra (and covers issues of safety, security, worthiness) has lots of fantastic metaphysical properties that foster those good feeling vibes, allowing us to feel the way we intend to feel.  On the physical end of the spectrum, many folks who work with healing energies of red calcite adore how well it works to ease symptoms of lower joint dis-ease. So if you are looking for emotional relief or physical, give red calcite a try and see how it works for you.