quartz points

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Check out this collection of quartz points.  Many pieces are natural, some have been polished to enhance their natural beauty and aesthetic. Most of the pieces in this collection are from Brazil, some are from Arkansas.

Quartz is a wonderful crystal friend to have in your collection.  If you are into stones for their beauty or their metaphysical properties, quartz is always a winner.  Metaphysically speaking, you might find these gems useful when looking to improve the quality of life. It may help you focus your mind and gain clarity.  Known for its amplification abilities, quartz can help in boosting the energies of other stones.  

Due to the nature of these products, items may vary from photo.


Angel phantom quartz: 

Before we talk about this stone, let's figure out what a phantom is. When someone says a crystal is or has a phantom, they are referring to a growth phenomenon. Phantoms form when the growth of a crystal is interrupted.  During the interruption, a layer of another mineral is deposition on the crystal surface.  At some point, the growth begins again, leaving what looks like a shadow of another crystal growing inside. As far as metaphysical properties,  It is said that angel phantom quartz brings peace and tranquility. Some have reported this stone helped achieve lucid dream states.  Others say it helps one act from the heart, assisting in connection to our higher self. There have also been claims these stones are bringers of intense love and joy, making them a prized piece in any crystal collection. 

Due to the nature of this product, color, size, and shape may vary.