New Zealand Carnelian pendant

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Did someone say bacon?  Come on, does this not look like a piece of bacon to you?  Are you vegetarian or vegan but secretly love bacon? Okay, this is clearly NOT bacon, but it really does resemble a slice. This beautiful pendant features a piece of banded carnelian from New Zealand, where in my opinion, some really stunning pieces are from. 

Aside from showing your love of bacon, this pendant has pretty fabulous energy.  Instead of listing many reasons why carnelian is so wonderful, let me ask this more important question.  When looking at this piece, how does it make you feel?  Rember friends, this is a vibrational universe and how you feel is way more important than what someone claims an item can do.  If you look at this piece, it makes you feel the way you want to feel; then, it is perfect for you.  

Approximate dimensions:

2" long (including bail) x .25" wide

18" sterling silver chain with lobster claw clasp

The pendant is handmade with .999 fine silver and .925 sterling silver