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A Moment of Zen

Lodolite free forms

Lodolite free forms

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Lodolite is the name used to describe quartz with inclusions, often resembling a garden or landscape scene, hence its alternate names of garden quartz, landscape quartz or scenic quartz.  The pieces in this collection are varied in their inclusions, some containing rutile or tourmaline needles and some lacking chlorite, which is quite common in lodolite quartz. 

These stones are believed to offer A sense of peace or tranquility, making them a lovely meditation tool.  Some using this stone feel it aids in emotional healing and releasing past trauma. Others turn to this stone for intuitive enhancement, lucid dreaming, and dream recall.  There are no guarantees on how stones will help since we are unique in our thoughts and energies. If this stone resonates with you, give it a try. 



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