India Green Marble heart

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Most people think of marble as white, whereas green marble, like these hearts from India, often gets its color from serpentine. Marble is often thought of as a stone of strength and stability, providing a sense of self-control. This control lends itself to greater clarity as one’s thoughts tend to be less scattered. Green stones generally resonate with the heart center, which is often associated with emotions and emotional control and or balance. No matter the metaphysical properties around these stones, their beauty surely is captivating, drawing one’s attention deep into their verdant depths. Try gazing into one of these beauties to see if it makes you feel any particular way. Life is an individual journey, and there are no right or wrong experiences. The only way to know how a stone can help you is to use it yourself. Life is a personal experience and therefore is impossible to guarantee any specific results; however, if gazing at or handling a stone makes you feel any degree of positive emotion, then I say it’s a win.