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Incense burner - ash catcher

Incense burner - ash catcher

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Anyone that enjoys burning incense must have an incense burner or ash catcher. All the burners/catchers I sell are lovely and do the job they were designed for; however, some do a better job than others.

In my personal opinion and experience, my favorite ash catcher that I stock is the wide wood variety of ash catchers.  Why? Because it does what it was designed to do, and that is to catch the ashes.  

The second runner-up of stick and cone burners are the coffin style boxes.  The stick sits at the perfect angle, so the ashes fall into the box as designed. These boxes are often fitted with small brass receptacles perfect for burning incense cones, which makes that style ideal for those who use both sticks and cones.

In third place, we have the round catchers.  They do an okay job of catching ashes from incense sticks, and many of the round incense holders also double as cone holders, again ideal for those that like to burn sticks and cones. They are an economical way to enjoy your favorite incense and keep your space somewhat clean after use.

In the last place, we have the basic ash catcher. These incense holders are the classic style that has been used for generations.  They also do an okay job of catching ashes from burning incense sticks.  Sometimes however as the stick burns, the ashes curl and fall on the surface the holder is sitting on. These classic incense holders are the most economical holders we carry, making them an affordable accessory for any budget. 

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