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Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamond

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Despite its name, Herkimer Diamond is not a true diamond, but it is quartz.  These babies, especially when of high quality, sparkle and shine like diamonds, which is why I assume they were given that name.

Herkimer diamond quartz pieces usually occur as double-terminated gems, making them highly desirable to crystal lovers of all kinds.  Double terminated quartz pieces can be found in other locations such as Arkansas (sometimes called Arkimer diamonds) and Tibet (sold as Herkimer diamonds from China); however, for chubby double-terminated quartz to be considered a Herkimer Diamond, it must come from the Herkimer County region of New York state. 

For those interested in the metaphysics of this stone, there is plenty to learn and enjoy.  Some of my favorite metaphysi-facts about these beauties are the potential to aid in understanding that "All That Is" is within, encouraging you to recognize there is "nothing to become" as it is already within.   In other words, if you ever thought you might possibly be super cool, or amazing, or talented, or loved, or cherished or, or, or... you are! These stones may encourage releasing repressed fears and emotions, allowing you to relax and feel the glorious expansion of your Life Force Energy.  When you are willing to recognize and claim your greatness and practice being your own best friend, there is the potential side effect of greater clarity, including awakening to clairvoyant and or clairaudient abilities.  

The pieces listed here vary in quality from heavily included to clear. The clearest pieces tend to be the highest prized.  Which pieces are actually the best is a personal opinion as far as I am concerned.   I am personally a fan of pieces with skeletal formations.  Those babies "grew up" in harsh conditions but managed to "thrive" despite their surroundings.  Their "scars" are beautiful and have stories to tell, but again, that is my personal take on them. 

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