Gold sheen Obsidian Tower

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For me, any crystal that has a flashy display or in some way catches the eye is of benefit when I am looking to shift my thoughts.  Gold sheen obsidian is no exception because of its beautiful sparkles shimmering just below the surface, beckoning you deeper into its beauty. There really is something to be said about the aesthetics of a crystal and the influence it holds.  Let's explore why something shiny is a good thing for raising your vibes.  For those of you new to me and my way of approaching life, one thing I repeat over and over again is the importance of feeling good through the power of your own focus.  If you find yourself feeling some sort of less than desirable way, it is because you have gotten yourself focused in a bit of a funky way.  Meaning, these uncomfortable thoughts are not serving you, and you need to refocus.  Okay, so what if you don't know what to focus on? What if you can't find a topic that feels good every time you think of it? Well, that's where something shiny and sparkly comes in handy.  Take a moment to sit with a piece of Gold Sheen Obsidian and let yourself contemplate the beauty of the stone.  Observe how it shimmers in response to the lighting.  Let your mind and body relax as you breathe and enjoy the pretty sparkles.  It really is that simple to raise your frequency friends.  Don't believe me? I don't blame you; words don't teach; you need to prove these things to yourself.  Go ahead and give it a try.