Enhydro crystals

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Oh man, if there is something that gets me geeking out, it’s finding a bubble rolling in ancient water trapped in a crystal. Yup, you read that right. Sometimes when a crystal is growing, the conditions are conducive to this type of occurrence. Pockets form in the crystal trapping water and air/gas, resulting in what collectors call Enhydros. 

When considering the metaphysical properties of Enhydro crystals, you might want to take into account the properties of the host crystal as well. Generally speaking, enhydro crystals may be of benefit when doing any sort of emotional work.  Use these stones as a tool to focus on understanding the guidance emotions are giving you.  To successfully move away from the discomfort of emotions, we need to face them head-on, acknowledging their existence and value, and then thought by thought, encouraging them to a better feeling place.  

As of the time of this listing (9/2020), the enhydros listed primarily are from Vera Cruz Amethyst from Mexico, and one particular piece of Smokey amethyst from Namibia, Africa.

Due to the nature of this product, color, size, the shape may vary from the photo.