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Have you been resistant to change? Or maybe you recently experienced intense feelings of struggle or suffering? One of the metaphysical properties of Charoite is that it helps you put things into perspective so you can overcome those types of contrast and feelings of repression. Some people claim this stone has enabled them to discern truth and what the mind has created. With that kind of clarity, allowing you to move past fears into a frequency of unconditional love, can you imagine how wonderful life can be?

In other words, Charoite may help with making lasting vibrational shifts in your energy.  Meditation (which helps raise your vibration) with this stone may help develop inner vision, allowing you to receive insight (visions, symbols, etc.), providing clues into your dominant vibration habits. This awareness helps you remove the "happy face sticker" you may be hiding behind.  Accepting and owning all aspects of yourself is the first step to making lasting vibrational improvement to realize and receive the desired physical manifestations.  

Due to the nature of this product, color, size, and shape may vary from photo.